Hedron Glass Block

When residential and commercial customers are constructing glass block showers, glass block walls, glass block bars, or any glass block structure that involves a 90˚ turn, our Hedron glass block is essential to their designs. The Hedron glass block allows you to join two glass block panels on a ninety-degree angle with style and beauty. We offer the highest quality Pittsburgh Corning Hedron glass blocks. These blocks are constructed from one hundred percent glass and are made in the U.S.A. All of our Hedron glass blocks are backed by a 5-year limited warranty and are available in two pattern options.

Decora Hedron Glass Block And IceScapes Hedron Glass Block

At Quality Glass Block and Window, homeowners and contractors depend on us to provide the highest quality glass block supplies. We have a large inventory of Hedron glass block on-hand, which allows us to keep our prices down as well as provide prompt delivery.  Our popular Hedron glass block patterns include Decora and IceScapes and are for use with Pittsburgh Corning’s Premiere Series glass blocks of the same pattern. When maximum privacy is important in your design, you can benefit by choosing the IceScape pattern. If you are more interested in a classic look, the Decora pattern will be best. Both of our Hedron glass block pattern options are available in 8 X 6 X4” dimensions.

Hedron Glass Block From Quality Glass Block And Window

If you have any questions about our high quality, affordable Hedron glass block for sale contact the experts at Quality Glass Block and Window Co. We offer competitive pricing on American made glass block products from Pittsburgh Corning, as well as the tools and supplies that you will need to install them. From glass block installation services, glass block sales, glass block mortar, glass block tools, and advice our dedicated professionals have everything you will need to complete your glass block project.