Imperial Glass Block Line

Our Imperial line contains all U.S. Sizing in their glass blocks and widths of 3” or 4”.  Most know already, that our Residential Series and our Premier Series are all Imperial sizing, but what you might not know is how many of each pattern has several different sizes to make your creative mind wonder in a land of glass bliss.  With the plethora of pattern choices and sizes you as the customer can choose how you’d like your wall or window to be designed and we are here to help guide you!


Residential 3 1/8" Series (Also known as Thinline Series Glass Block):

Not only comes in six different patterns, sizes and 3” thick but also has its very own accessory line to help installation easier for our customers.  Mainly used for glass block windows, or small interior spaces to pass light through one room to another.  You can create just about anything with these patterns and styles as long as you know what to purchase and have a design in mind for us to go off of.  If mixed and matched isn’t your thing and you want something simpler, don’t worry, our classic and ever so popular wave pattern is here for the rescue! Needing more privacy?  No worries there either!  We have you covered with either our Ice pattern or Diamond DM.  Ask us for a live photo if you need to see the privacy of it and we will send you one!


Premiere 3 7/8" Series:

4” thick glass block is the way to go for large wall jobs, commercial window locations or even larger residential projects.  Coming in nine different patterns, sizes, two of which having shapes and finishing units along with their very own mortarless and mortar accessory line you can’t go wrong.  Our Premiere Series Glass Block has been around for a long time to help customers create the showers, partition walls, office spaces, etc. of their dreams.  Bringing something elegant and exciting into your space can not only brighten it up but also make it feel clean and airy. 


MyMiniGlass Line:

We would like to introduce MyMiniGlass as part of a new selection that customers can choose from.  They come in seven basic colors with one pattern that you can mix and match to create basically anything you can imagine.   The Arctic pattern, which is on a modern Clarity type glass block but frosted on the inside to give privacy.  These blocks also come with shapes and finishing units to help create walls for showers or partitions.  The best part of MyMiniglass is they are all 6x6 blocks, including the ends and corners.  You asked and we have delivered with the 6x6 glass blocks!


Elegance Line:

Stay tuned for a jaw dropping new line that we have created!!!