Pegasus 19 Series Corner Glass Block Wall Kits, Wave pattern, both metalized and non-metalized

Not enough can be said about our Pegasus Metalized and Non-Metalized Wave Glass Block. When you put them in wall kits with corner blocks magic can happen. 

With only the Wave Pattern available in the Pegasus Metalized and Non-Metalized you will begin to see why as these beauties transform before your eyes. Add a corner block of your choice, Rounded 90 Degree or Square Sharp 90 Degree and you will be the new talk on the streets. 


With the unique way the mirror coating around the block appears. Taking the effect of shining jewels that you only see in a Hollywood movie. You can now be the owner of these high quality blocks of the Pegasus 19 Series.  Better yet, they come in Corner Wall Kits as well. 


Not into the glam and don’t want to bejeweled. No sweat. We have our Non-Metalized Pegasus 19 Series Corner Wall Kits just for you! Still gorgeous as ever, these favorable full bodied favorites are ripe for the taking. 

Your options


You can have a choice between two types of corner blocks. Rounded 90 Degree Corner or our Square Sharp 90 Degree Corner. 

The Rounded 90 Degree Corner Block only comes in the Pegasus 19 Metalized Injected Color and Clear Blocks. Including the Non-Metalized Clear Block. 

Our Square 90 Degree Corner Block however, comes in full bodied Color Block and Clear Block in both Metalized and Non-Metalized options. 


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