Pegasus Color Series Metalized Finish by Seves Glass Block

The Pegasus Series Metalized Finish Glass Block is an exuberant color line that offers a unique range of hews for any discerning taste.  All of these glass blocks have an injected color giving the center of the glass block a vibrant color .  All of these colors have the pigment injected into the hollow cavity of the glass block for a look like no other.  The Metalized edge coating will take your glass block creation to the next level as the edges of the glass block reflect with radiant passing light.  All of the glass blocks in this collection are manufactured in the metric size with some of the colors offering an optional size, end, and corner glass block.  Using these optional pieces, the Pegasus Metalized Finish Glass Blocks are perfect for room dividers and walls.  There will be a 6-8-week lead time for the glass blocks that we do not have in stock.  With this colored glass block collection, the possibilities are endless.