Premier 3 7/8" Series Glass Block | Quality Glass Block and Window

Enjoy Unique Windows with Our Premiere Designs

Your home or office speaks volumes about your taste. Quality Glass Block and Window Company gives you options that make your property stand out with unique, tasteful windows. Our Premiere Series Glass Blocks provides a wide selection of individual blocks and patterns designed to meet your specific construction needs.

Our Premiere Series blocks exhibit multifaceted character, with varying degrees of transparency. Blocks vary by thickness, type, size, shape and pattern, and our installation designs help you craft a unique ambience for your building.

  • We offer a wide variety of shapes and finishing units, including icescape pattern curved blocks, rounded and finished surfaces, hexagonal corner units 45-degree radius blocks and 22 degree radius blocks to complete circle configurations.
  • Patterns include Argus and Argus parallel flutes to diffuse light while offering a medium degree of privacy; the Decora pattern with wavy undulations for maximum light transmission and medium privacy; fine grid design for moderate light and maximum privacy with our Essex AA pattern; non-directional patterns like our Icescapes pattern; decorative patterns with bold circles like our Focus pattern; and smooth, undistorted patterns for passive solar collection and visual clarity.
  • Our Thinline Series offers options in unique patterns and designs for thinner blocks used in interior and exterior residential and commercial applications.

For a complete listing of our Premiere Series Glass Blocks, browse our site. Contact a Quality Glass Block and Window Company representative for more detailed information on assembled windows and installation services.