Premiere™ Series 3 7/8” Glass Block and Accessories

Anyone who is doing walls or prefers thicker glass block for windows, now has the ability to do so with our mortarless installation and the favorited mortar system.  The mortarless system is more for the DYI, but we are finding a lot of contractors do prefer this system over the mortar for cleanliness.  With our eight Seves Glass Block patterns to choose from, with two of the popular ones having the finishing units and shapes, your designs and approach can be endless!

PremiereSeries Glass Block Patterns and Sizes:

Alpha – 8x8x4

Arctic – 8x8x4

Argus® - 8x8x4

Clarity – 12x12x4, 8x8x4, 6x8x4, 4x8x4, 6x6x4

Cortina – 8x8x4, 6x8x4, 4x8x4, 6x6x4

  • End Block – 8x8x4
  • Double-End™ Block – 8x8x4
  • Corner Rounded 8”
  • Corner 90 8”
  • Allbend™ 8” (22.5 Degree block)

Cross Ribbed – 12x12x4, 8x8x4

Light Diffusing – 8x8x4

Nubio – 12x12x4, 8x8x4, 6x8x4, 4x8x4, 6x6x4

  • End Block – 8x8x4
  • Double-End™ Block – 8x8x4
  • Corner Rounded 8”
  • Corner 90 8”
  • Allbend™ 8” (22.5 Degree block)

Regent – 8x8x4

Premiere™ Series Mortarless Accessories:

Mortarless accessories are not only great for the DYI customer but also contractors.  We now have the Corner Rounded and Allbend™ Spacer Packs to get that turn or gradual curve you have always wanted in your glass block wall or shower.  See below for the details of these spacers and other accessories that come with our mortarless option for the Premiere™ Series.

  • Premiere™ Series Anchor Pack (5 per box)
  • Premiere™ Series Allbend™ Spacer Pack (4 per pack)
  • Premiere™ Series Corner Rounded Spacer Pack ( 5 per pack)
  • Premiere™ Series Horizontal Spacer 40”
  • Premiere™ Series Vertical Spacer pack (10 per pack)
  • Clear Silicone
  • 48” Channel Options for dry areas

Grout is sold separately and not available at Quality Glass Block. 

Premiere™ Series Mortar Accessories:

Much like the Residential Series the Mortar installation accessories are identical and universal for our 3 7/8” glass block series.  This system is mainly used by contractors and masons that do larger jobs but we are finding more and more home owners are not shying away from this system either.

  • 16” Stainless Steel Panel Anchor
  • 36” and 48” Stainless Steel Panel Reinforcement for the smaller orders, or we have 84” and 120” Stainless Steel Panel Reinforcement for those who need larger pallet sized orders
  • Universal Spacer bags (24 pieces per bag)
  • 16” Expansion Strips

Having trouble or need assistance in choosing the perfect pattern, design or even installation options?  Call us today and our Quality Glass Block Team will be more than happy to assist you!

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