Glass Block Spacers

The easiest way to maintain consist joints during glass block installation is to use glass block spacers. At Quality Glass Block and Window we offer affordable glass block spacers for both residential and commercial glass block projects. With our glass block spacers, it is easy to quickly install glass blocks with equal joint thicknesses. Regardless of whether you are installing Premiere Series glass blocks, Thinline Series glass blocks, Mendini Color Glass Blocks, Pegasus Color Glass Blocks, the European Clear or Color Collection, or Arque Series Glass blocks, we have the right glass block spacer for the job. If you are not certain of which spacers you need, one of our glass block installation professionals will be happy to assist you.  Please note that these spacers do not work with the Vetripieno Series glass blocks.


4in Premiere Spacers


Coming in bags of 24 pcs and 8 bags per carton, our 4in Premiere Glass Block Spacers are designed for 4" thick glass block only.  While Universal Spacers provide the option of an adjustment, these 4in Premiere Spacers are a fixed one piece and do not need assembly like the Universal Spacers do.  This can help cut down quite a bit of time for contractors or even the DIY customers out there who are interested in using a mortar application when making walls, windows or dividers in their home.  You simply lay them over the block so the arms rest on the highest points and mortar them in, creating that perfect 1/4" mortar joint all across the board to create a flawless look.

Arque Glass Block Spacers And Universal Glass Block Spacers

Depending on the type of glass block you are installing, you will have to choose either our universal glass block spacers or our Arque Series glass block spacers.  However, if you are installing Pittsburgh Corning’s  Arque glass blocks, you will want to choose our Arque Spacers. Universal spacers are sold in quantities of 24, and our Arque spacers come in packs of 24 as well. At Quality Glass Block and Window we offer competitive pricing and quick delivery of our glass block spacers.

Universal Glass Block Spacers From Quality Glass Block And Window

Our universal spacers are used in the installation of Premiere 3 7/8" thick and Thinline 3 1/8"glass block in both U.S. and Metric sizing.  These spacers are designed for making glass block windows or walls where there is no curve in structure you are building.  These spacers will give you a uniform 1/4" spacing around every block as you are mortaring your glass blocks together.  These spacers will work with all of the glass blocks Quality Glass Block has to offer with the exception of the Vetripieno Series.

If you have any questions about our high quality, affordable glass block spacers for sale contact the experts at Quality Glass Block and Window Co. We offer competitive pricing on American made glass block products from Pittsburgh Corning, as well as the tools and supplies that you will need to install them. From glass block installation services, glass block sales, glass block mortar, glass block tools, and advice our dedicated professionals have everything you will need to complete your glass block project.