Technology Glass Block Line

Need something a little extra for your home garden or space to create that glow of light in your home?  Never fret, our Technology Line is definitely a line you don’t want to miss.  Between our Solar Landscaping Lights and our Solar Wall Tubes, you just can’t go wrong on when you are adding much needed light to a dark space.


Solar Landscaping Lights:

Our Solar Landscaping Lights, are just what they say…solar and powered by the sun.  These unique lights are solid glass with 2 options of styles that can go anywhere from a concrete patio to a garden.  Creating a unique clean look of glass along the walkway of your home or garden can definitely brighten the curb appeal to your home.


Solar Wall Tubes:

The Solar Wall Tubes are something to definitely see.  These tubes are for deep walls to create light amongst darkened hallways, basements or those odd sized spaces that you want to add glass block but with the depth you shy away from.   Coming in a various of different 8x8 block options and sizes, these can be very versatile in any setting that you might need.