Seves Thickset® 90 Minute Fire Rated Glass Block

Commercial buildings often require fire resistant building materials in order to conform to building codes. This can be a challenge for both architects and builders. Fortunately, the Seves Glass Block™ Company offers the perfect solution. The company’s 90-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Block is perfect for use in windows, corridors, and stairwells in commercial buildings, multi-unit housing, and limited lot line communities. All 90-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Block meets the strict standards set forth by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL®) when installed to proper specifications. Regardless of the installation, our glass block installation experts have the experience and knowledge to answer any questions related to 90-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Block that you might have.

Nubio 90-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Block, Clarity 90-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Block and Endura 90-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Block

When contractors and building professionals are seeking competitive pricing on a large selection of fire rated glass blocks, they turn to the trusted professionals at Quality Glass Block And Window. Our 90-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Block is available in several popular patterns including Nubio, Clarity, and Endura. When privacy is important, you can either choose the Nubio or Endura Patterns. When maximum light transmission is essential, you will want to consider the Clarity 90-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Block.  

90-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Block From Quality Glass Block And Window

If you have any questions about our high quality, affordable 90-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Block for sale contact the experts at Quality Glass Block and Window Co. We offer glass block products from the Seves Glass Block Company, as well as the tools and supplies that you will need to install them. For friendly help and advice our dedicated professionals have everything you will need to complete your glass block project.


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