Basic Series MyMiniGlass Vertical Spacers for Glass Block

MyMiniGlass Vertical Track Spacer 10 per bag
  • Basic Series MyMiniGlass Vertical Spacer Packs

    Our Basic Series Vertical Spacers for the MyMiniGlass Series make it easier for customers to put their glass block projects together without the hassle of mortar.  These mortarless spacers are used with the simplicity of our clear glass block sealant to help give each block that perfect 1/8” of a joint.  The right amount of space for the grout application if you are doing walls, or just silicone for smaller projects.  The MyMiniGlass Vertical Spacer Packs not only come in packs of ten but are cut specifically for mini projects!  This makes it a cut free and easier to handle for customers.


    For more information on the MyMiniGlass Vertical Spacer Packs, please call us at Quality Glass Block today and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you.