Planning Your Project

Trust Our Staff Experts to Help with Your Planning Process

You know that you want a well-lit, visually pleasing atmosphere in your home or building. You also want windows that are efficient and practical. At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we know glass block products inside and out, and we know the best methods for installation. We are here to assist you in any way we can.

  • Our experts will help you select the products and design options that are right for you.
  • We help throughout the planning phase, whether you are installing windows, configuring a shower system or planning an elaborate geometric window layout for the front of your home.
  • If your project requires something out of the ordinary, we are experts in custom fabrication and have a wealth of commercial and residential experience to draw from in helping you develop unique and affordable glass block and window designs.

To get an idea of the many possibilities for glass block and vinyl products, browse our website. Our experts are happy to help you with any questions you have, so please contact Quality Glass Block and Window Company today.