Glass Block Crafting Projects

Quality Glass Block and Window Company equips homeowners and builders with the tools to create unique window designs. As a distributer of Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block products, we can provide customers with quality Cogir Glass Block options. Cogir decorative glass blocks are made with glass fusion technology, making them ideal for creative designing.

The Cogir Glass Block products we provide include many options and benefits for customers:

  • Our Cogir decorative glass blocks are made using Pittsburgh Corning Glass Blocks
  • The collaboration of Cogir USA and Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block means our customers receive the highest quality products, built to be consistent and reliable
  • Options include 24 colors, 120 single block designs and 55 multiple-block designs for murals or other custom configurations

Whether you are a homeowner, a builder, an architect or contractor, we will help you find the best product for your project. Contact Quality Glass Block and Window Company to learn more about our complete catalog of products and services. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have.