Replacements Consist of the following

Here at Quality Glass Block, we provide replacement parts for your exisiting glass block windows, pre-assembled windows or shower systems and offer full kits for shower enclosure replacement applications. Below you will find all of what Quality Glass Block can provide for you as a homeowner and contractor who needs any replacements:


Types of windows and options we offer:

  • Vinyl Replacements
    • Double Hungs
    • Single Hungs
    • Sliders
    • Casement
    • Awning
    • Picture
    • Geometric Windows
    • Vinyl Framed Egress Windows
    • Removable Sash Windows
  • Glass Block Windows, vented or solid Replacements
    • Options of different glass blocks by Seves Glass Block™ - Aktis, Diamond DM, Ice, Nubio, Alpha and Clarity
    • Vent options - White or Beige upon request
    • Dryer Vents - White or Beige upon request
    • Energy smart vent and dryer vent options
    • Energy Efficient Glass Blocks by Seves Glass Block™


  • Glass Block Shower Systems or Kit Replacements
    • Installation Accessories for Mortar and our Mortarless Applications
    • Option in buying just what you need as replacement blocks and not a whole cases
    • Shower Base Replacements - Optional by request only


We can help you determine the best way to complete a replacement project and want to help you.  If you have questions or are struggling at all please call our staff today at Quality Glass Block and we will help get you going in the right direction.



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