Premiere™ Series Allbend Glass Block Pack

Premier Series Allbend Glass Block Pack
  • Premiere™ Series Allbend Pack

    The Premiere™ Series Allbend™ Pack is used when you are incorporating the “22.5- degree Allbend™” glass block into a curved wall. This pack accommodates for 4 Allbend™, so if the wall makes a complete 90-degree turn using 4 Allbend™ then this pack will do 1 row. The Allbende™ pack includes the following…

    4- Injected Molded Pieces

    2- Vertical pieces that are A to B (These fit between a Premiere™ Series 4" glass block and an Allbend™)

    3- Vertical pieces that are A to A (These fit between the Allbend™)

    • Each Vertical Spacer is 7.5” long and precut to suit the 4" Premiere™ Series Allbend™ glass block.

    At Quality Glass Block, we offer multiple options in patterns, sizes and transparency levels that you can choose from. Our staff is ready and waiting to take your call in assisting you with your curved wall questions, give us a call today!