Roof Windows from Velux Skylights

  • Top Hinged, Center-Pivot, Rood Access or Deck Mounted Roof Windows

    Need more natural light and fresh air added to your space?  How about enjoying more of the outdoors and your beautiful view you have?  Roof windows is the way to go.  Special order blinds or even blackout blinds available, you can customize your new featured window how you would like.

    Top Hinged or Center-Pivot Benefits:

    • Panoramic Views while increasing your energy efficiency and natural ventilation
    • Increase in natural light
    • Convenient bottom operation – excellent for loft conversions
    • Available for special order
    • Easy open and close capabilities (Center – Pivot only)
    • Comes in several sizes in both the top hinged and center pivot option.

    Roof Access Window Benefits:

    • Easy roof access for repairs, maintenance, emergency and egress
    • Locking device that will keep sash open
    • Comes with a slim sash and frame appearance
    • Left hinge and right hinge options
    • Pre-installed Pick&Click brackets for easy blind installation
    • Comes in select sizes only

    Deck Mounted Balcony Roof Window Benefits:

    • Dual – Sash operation
    • Features a select wood frame with a clear finish sash coating and exterior aluminum
    • Comes in select sizes only


    Think you might be interested in adding natural light to your loft area?  Call us today at Quality Glass Block for more information on an investment you shouldn’t pass up!