Rough Sea Color Glass Block

Rough Sea Color Glass Block by Quality Glass Block
  • Rough Sea

    “Rough Sea ahead matey!”  We love our Oceans and the colors that come with it.  Even when the beautiful sea is angry.  Rough Sea is exactly what the ocean looks like when a good storm rolls in off the coast.  The sea life goes into hiding  and the sea birds stop singing when the lighter blue colors of the water disappears into the depths during a storm. With it’s dark grey and deep blue undertones this block is just beautiful and you can’t go wrong mixing it with any of the other colors either.  This come in one sided, double sided with options of matte or gloss finishes.


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     Please take note, that all colors may appear differently on each monitor.  If you are interested in a specific color please give us a call and we can better describe it for you.

    When cleaning this product, a damp cloth will be the best.  Do not use acid wash or any Paint Thinners on this product.  Do not acid etch the product. 


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