V1 Silverline Geometric Shapes

  • V1 Series – Geometric Shapes

    Designed for new construction and characterized by their fixed nature of curves and angles, the options and designs are almost endless with our Geometric Shaped Vinyl Windows.  With a low-maintenance vinyl construction inside and out along with a slim profile for a more contemporary look our Geometric Shapes in the V1 2900 Series come in a depth of 2 11/16” with eight different shape options and color options to work with.

    White, Beige and Sandstone will have both the same colors on the interior and exterior which are consistent throughout the frame, making scratches almost invisible.  The painted color options of Dark Bronze and Black are available in exteriors only and will have a white interior.

    The Geometric Shapes that are available in the V1 2900 Series are listed below:

    • Half Circle
    • Quarter Circle
    • Arch Top / Eyebrow
    • Extended Half Circle / Palladian
    • Octagon
    • Trapezoid
    • Circle
    • Oval


    The V1 2900 Series also has the same features of glass options as the Single Hung Window allowing the customer to choose which efficiency they would prefer.  Another unique quality is the Single Hung can also be put in combination with the above shapes if you choose, or keep it as a fixed picture window on its own in lower lit places in your home.  

    If you have questions in regards to our V1 2900 Geometric Shapes please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Quality Glass Block.  One of us will be able to help or walk you through what you are looking for.