Valentine’s Craft Glass Block Gifts and Decor You’ll Love

According to the National Retail Federation survey, more than half of American adults plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, and nearly 75% of consumers celebrating the big day think it’s more important to do so this year because of the pandemic. Total spending is predicted to reach $21.8B on gifts for significant others, family, friends, children’s teachers, and even pets.


Due to COVID-19, the fewest number of sweethearts are planning an evening out this year - only 24% of those surveyed said they may consider having a Valentine’s date night. We think that’s in warmer states where outdoor dining is still possible this time of year. 41% of survey respondents said they’ll opt for a special dinner and evening at home. 


If you’re like us, every year, (even in the midst of a pandemic) you try and think up the perfect gift ideas that will surprise and delight your loved ones. If you like to decorate for each holiday, finding new Valentine’s Day decor can be like a treasure hunt. The good news is, our Valentine’s Day craft block decor and our loose glass block for crafts give you some great options that won’t break the bank.


These decorated glass blocks are a unique and decorative way to communicate your love of another, or just your love of the holiday! They all come with a hole in the top (or the bottom) so you can add flowers, candy, or twinkle lights.


Valentine’s Craft Block Options

Some of your pre-decorated Valentine’s glass block options include:



Give a loved one a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, or select several for yourself to decorate your home or office. We guarantee that if you give one of these as a great gift, it will come back out every year in February, filled with something fun!


If you need to dust the outside, or clean the inside after all of the candy is gone, use only a wet cloth or sponge. You want to protect the decorative enhancements.


DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts Using Glass Block

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are great options when children want to get crafty to make a gift for Mom. For little ones who want to create their own masterpiece, help them out by starting with our Craft Glass Block line. 


These clear and hollow blocks have a hollow inside and hole at the top, allowing you to fill them with goodies for Mom, Dad, or even a favorite teacher. Popular options include Hershey’s Kisses, heart shape candies, M&M’s, flower petals (artificial), confetti, paper glitter, and more. Tying a ribbon around it or making a bow is also fun.


Decorate the outside of the block if you wish, using paint suitable for glass (acrylic enamel or acrylics marked as suitable for glass). Keep in mind paint may take up to 24 hours to dry. You can also use craft vinyl or stickers. There are a ton of ideas and tutorials you can find online to help you achieve the look you want. The team here at Quality Glass Block is also only a phone call away.


Consider getting more glass block for crafts than you need for this holiday. Once you get started crafting with glass, you’ll be hooked, and want to try something new.


Glass Block Vases

Glass block vases are another option if you’re looking to create unique Valentine’s Day gifts. Fill it with real flowers or flowers the kids made. Another option is to fill it with beads, candy, or even homemade Valentine’s or paper hearts. New this year is the taller vase. You could use the square block as a vase as well. They’re watertight, so it is perfectly acceptable to put water in if you have fresh flowers. 


If you want more than a clear vase, you can decorate it, or we can customize it for you with color or Vector images. 


Order Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts Today

Impress your loved ones this February with a distinctive and thoughtful gift. All of our Valentine’s craft block decor are in stock and ready for you to purchase. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (815) 416-1007 or use our contact form after hours.