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Vinyl Replacement Window 1200

1200 Replacement Windows by Silver Line

The Series 1200 Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Window is energy efficient, low maintenance, visually stunning and modestly priced. The Series 1200 lets you create a window that fits you budget and your needs. At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we offer multiple options for glass block designs, styles, shapes and sizes. We offer glass block products that vary by light transmission and levels of transparency so that you can choose the perfect level of privacy, and we provide related products and accessories. Our experts can help you select the product that is right for you.

Silverline Model ID 1200
Frame Depth: 3-1/4"
Structural Performance:
Size: 40 x 63" - PG 35
Size: 48 x 72" - PG 20
Glass Spacer Type: InterceptĀ® Warm Edge
Glass U Factor:
Clear Glass- 0.50
LoE2 Glass - 0.36
LoE2/Argon - 0.32
LoE3 Glass - 0.35
LoE3/Argon - 0.30
Screen Cloth: 18 x 16 Fiber Mesh
Screen Frame: Color Coordinated Roll Form
Width: 16-3/4 Min x 48" Max
Height: 26-3/4 Min x 75-3/4" Max
Maximum Size: 120 United Inches