Tornado Resistant Windows

Tornado Resistant Glass Block Windows

At Quality Glass Block we don’t just specialize in Residential and Hurricane glass block windows.  We also pride ourselves on the quality of Tornado Resistant Glass Block Windows as well.  You’ll not only feel safe and secure but you will also have a peace of mind knowing these windows can endure winds speeds up to 250 MPH.


Glass Block Options:

Vistabrik Clear – 8x8x3 (7 ¾ x 7 ¾ x 3 1/8)

Vistabrik Stipple – 8x8x3 (7 ¾ x 7 ¾ x 3 1/8)


Meeting the following Standards:

ASTM E283  

  • Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage

FEMA 361

  • Air Pressure and Tornado Missile Impact Test
  • Two hits: 15 lbs., 2x4 @ 100mph

FWMA 320

  • Taking Shelter From the Storm:
    • Building a safe room for your home or small business

ICC/NSSA 500-2008

ASTM E330-02

  • Standard Test Method for Structural Performance
  • Passed air pressure tests (+309/-413) psf., which equates to a wind speed over 400 mph (with a 1.5 saftey factor).