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Mortar Installation Accessories

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Mortar Installation Accessories

Mortar Installation Accessories are available from Quality Glass Block to help you put the finishing touches on your installation project.


High Quality Glass Block Mortar Accessories

When investing in high quality glass block materials for your project, it makes sense to not skimp on the little things that contribute to a solid installation. Quality Glass Block, with decades of experience in the trade, has the right products for whatever your job requires.

  • Popular items include stainless steel panel anchors,  stainless steel panel reinforcements, universal mortar spacers and perimeter channels.

Each item has a unique and specific size for those who have small or larger jobs.

Stainless Steel Panel Reinforcement

  • Coming in lengths of 36″, 48″ that can be shipped regular standard ground.  If you have a pallet order you are more than welcome to look into our 84″ or our 120″ Stainless Steel Panel Reinforcement lengths.

Stainless Steel Panel Anchors

  • 16″ in length allows the customer to create that extra increase of stability and strength when installing.

Universal Spacer Bags

  • Packs of 24, these spacers are universal because they have a durable purpose for all our sized glass blocks from Thinline to Premiere.

Expansion Strips

  • Most don’t think they need expansion strips in their job, but you’d be surprised when they are needed and where.  These 16″ of thin foam help protect the top and side edges of the glass block from any expansion and contraction that may happen over time.


For more information on our Mortar Accessories and lead times, contact our staff today at Quality Glass Block and Window.  We would be more than happy to help you out on your project!