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Design Line, you can never go wrong with it and you won’t be able to live without this special unique glass block.  This is almost like adding eye candy to your home or space that you want to share with the world.  With the Metalized Pegasus and Mendini to the Non-Metalized Pegasus each customer has a preference and either way you go our Pegasus or Mendini glass blocks will help dress up your space and allow you to express yourself freely.

The Pegasus Q19 Collection available from Quality Glass Block and Window Company is made up of two categories of glass block along with two different installation methods.  The glass blocks, made by the Seves Glass Block™, are manufactured in a metric size.

The Pegasus Series Q19 Metalized Finished Color Glass Blocks are manufactured in a variety of distinct color options to satisfy even the most demanding color pallet.  The color in these blocks is an injected color giving the center of the glass block a vibrant look.  The glass blocks are manufactured with an exclusive metalized finish on the bond coating to give the edges a silver metallic shine.  There will be a 6-8-week lead time for the glass blocks that we do not have in stock.  With this colored glass block collection, the possibilities are endless.

The Pegasus Series Q19 Non-Metalized Finished Color Glass Blockcategory have two available finishes and eight awe inspiring colors to choose from.  With these Pegasus Series glass blocks, the glass is colored during the manufacturing process giving you a true colored glass all the way through the glass block.  This collection of glass blocks can be used for windows or for walls with some colors having corner and end blocks to create a truly personal look.


Color Glass Block Wall Office and stairs

Home - Injected Color 1919/8 Mendini Collection Metalized Glass Block


Mendini is a unique entity all on its own.  The modern look of the smooth Clarity pattern with added injected color and a mirrored edge coating can create the most unbelievable interior walls you could ever dream of.  These unique blocks are very timeless looking with an addition of jewel tones coming through is something that needs to be seen with your own eye.  You can create just about any type of design with these including mixing and matching the colors to help form your unique mind of creativeness to your home.


Over the last few months, we have had requests for the Doric Glass Block.  I don’t think we can ever say enough about the beauty that this block alone carries and can bring to a space in your home, office building, condo etc.  With the unique ridged pattern located on the outside of the glass block you can also get this in Metalized or Non-Metalized and honestly, either look is amazing.  Probably one of our favorite design line blocks that we carry and probably won’t be the last, but there is just something special about the Doric, especially when installed in a kitchen or part of a wall to bring more light into your space.

Please note that some of the products in the Design Line have a 12-16 week lead time.


For more information on the Design Line, give us here at Quality Glass Block a call today!