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High Performance Glass Block

High Performance Glass Block are for those who need to meet specific codes from county to county.  Don’t fear, we have glass block near!  No matter what you are needing, high security, Fire Rated, Tornado Resistant or Hurricane Resistant we got your six in that area!

High Performance glass blocks


For high security purposes our 3” solid glass block Vistabrik is here to serve you.  This can be used for several purposes such as, Detention Centers, Tornado Resistant windows, or even if you just want more security in your home for your basement.  However, each purpose listed above has specific installation guidelines and we can most likely meet those for you if you are needing us to.  The best bet is to give us a call to go over your specs or what you are trying to create and we can definitely help guide you along the way.

Energy Rated:

Pattern options between Clarity, completely transparent or our ever so famous Wavy Nubio pattern our Energy Glass Block bring a .193 U-Value to the table that our other blocks do not.  Helping those who need to meet energy saving ratings, this block is definitely the one for you.  Did you know we could make this into a Vinyl Wrapped Glass Block Window for new construction?  Yes, we can!  Talk about bringing something unique and different to your home.  Of course, you can also buy these beauties separate and not in a window as well, but just so you know the options just don’t stop at the loose glass block category for these babies!

Fire Rated:

Our Fire Rated Glass Block comes in two different thick set requirements, depending on what your code is.  We have 60 and 90 Minute rated block with three different patterns from completely clear to semi obscure to obscure just for your comfort level!  The best way to see which one would work best is again checking with your county since each county is different with their codes.

If you are just looking for some extra security and don’t want solid glass like our Vistabrik this would be the next best one to go with.  Our 90 minute glass block is also used in Blast Resistant and Hurricane resistant glass block windows.  Again, this is of course a more intensive installation process and you will need to follow the guidelines to achieve them.


With that being said, call us if you have any questions regarding Blast Resistant and Hurricane Resistant Windows.  We can direct you in the right direction since they are specially made.



Alpha Pattern 1919/8 Glass Block


For more information call our knowledgeable Quality Glass Block team today for more information on our High Performance glass block products!