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Energy Smart Vents

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Energy Smart Vents

Energy Smart Vents now have a multiple purposes: They help to ventilate a room, they provide an aesthetically pleasing feature and they can help to reduce energy waste in a home. Quality Glass Block and Window Company offers the Energy Smart Vent designed specifically to keep warm or cool air inside while protecting against the elements.


Our Energy Smart Vents cut back on energy use by using the following mechanisms:


  • Our Energy Smart Vent is dual-glazed, insulated glass.
  • The insulation we use relies on two pieces of single-strength glass with a 3/8-inch super spacer.
  • Spacers are sealed with factory applied high-tack adhesive.
  • The two pieces of glass are sealed to the sash with co-extruded flexible PVC weather-stripping. Four individual seals are used.


We provide you with the glass block products necessary for a well-lit, well-ventilated room, and our experts are happy to help you throughout the selection process. Browse our website for specific product information, or contact Quality Glass Block and Window Company today.

Quality Glass Block 16x8 Ventilator