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Glass Block Inspiration

Using Pegasus Metalized Wave in the color Siena and Indaco, our customer was able to create something spectacular by using the Mortar Installation System.

We knew the potential issue with putting the Mendini block outside due to them not being tested. However, our desire to have these block outweighed the risk. We absolutely love our outdoor creation.

Quality Glass Block helped design a window for our guest house. We absolutely love it. Thank you!

We wanted to create a custom shower with multiple style blocks. Thank you Toni for helping us accomplish our Goal!

Another great wall made out of Pegasus Metalized Blue with Corner 90.

Customer sent us a picture of the bar he created out of Cedro Glass Block. Great job putting it together Steve!

Glass Block Wall built with Basic Series 1919/8 Wave and the Kwik-N-EZ installation site. Another great picture from a DIY'er. Thank you Yolanda!

Toni helped me put together a unique glass block wall for our shower using the Pegasus Non-Metalized glass block for our remodel project. There is some drywall that still needs to be finished but I think the glass block wall came out fantastic!

We absolutely love what you have done to your Bathroom. Using Pegasus Nordica Metalized Glass Blocks along with the Pegasus Installation system, this is a real head turner!

We absolutely love our Custom colored Glass Block wall! Thank you Toni and Jennifer for all of the help!

Hi again Toni, We finished our project and it looks great! Thanks again for your help :-)

Thank you for your help Jennifer! We appreciated your patience. Will upload more when we are done.

Thanks to Quality Glass Block for the block. They’re great for my needs creating art that is truly unique.

Phenominal job by Chris Masarro at BAC Development. He used our both the Glass Block Corner 90 wall kit as well as the straight wall kit and installed it himself. Looks amazing. Thank you for the pictures!

Our customer wanted to do something a bit different and was willing to take a chance on using our Brilly Series Injected in this opening. I love how this turned out and I love the placement of the window itself for something different.

We love it when our customers call us to put something together that is unique. Our Vetropieno Clear block with a brick laid format window is one of our firsts we were able to be apart of and we love how this turned out. The quality of the work and of this block is remarkable and will leave you breathless!

One of our customers wanted something with a modern twist, and a modern twist is exactly what they received with using our Pegasus Series 3.5x7.5x3 glass block and accessories which include our Pegasus Spacers.

The material for this wall was purchased through Quality Glass Block. We had Legacy Glass Block & Window Co. design and install the custom shower. We couldn’t be happier with the service and professionalism,

Hi Penni, this is a finished picture of the glass block wall I did with your system. Worked out perfectly and the homeowners were really happy. Thank you Damon

“Thank you Penni at Quality Glass Block for all your help in making our bathroom remodel come to life with a glass block wall for our shower. I especially appreciated you taking the time to send me prototype photos from my very rough hand drawn sketch as we worked through various configurations. Our builder will definitely come to you when he builds another glass block wall!” —Michael Kronenberg, Deer Park, Washington

Wanted to send a photo of our final shower and toilet enclosure… Love it. Thanks again! Regards, Lee B.

We are very happy with the way that it all turned out. The glass block wall is beautiful Thank you Penni for working with me to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. I will definitely use Quality Glass Block Again in the future

We absolutely love our Blue Shower! Thank you so much Penni for all of your help. The installation was easy and quick. All of the components you provided made it a breeze! We love it.

I got these block from you in February and could not be more happy with how it turned out. Thank you so much!

Toni & Dejah, Back in November, I promised to send you photos of our bathroom rennovation once it was complete. Well, I am happy to say it was completed last week and attached are the photos of the glass block wall / divider we built as a centerpiece to to whole room. Thank you to Quality Glass Block for all of your hard work helping me to decide what I needed on this project. Feel free to use selected photos on you web site and please give credit to Kangas Work Hands, Inc as the people responsible for accomplishing this project.

It was a pleasure working with your company!

I used the glass block to remember our vactaion!! Everything I used (minus the hot glue, food coloring, and glass block) we brought home with us from the beach!! Step 1: Fill the bottom with sand from the beach. 2. Place shells that the kids found on top of the sand. 3. Add water. (food color added to make it pretty) 4. Hot glue the top on so the water won't leak. 5. Glue a large shell on the top to hide the "lid" 6. Add shells or any decoration to the outside of the block. Done!! I used hot glue and it worked great!! All 3 of my kids will have something to remember their vacation by for the rest of their lives!! They look great with a little light behind them. Enjoy!!

Purchased Glass Blocks, Vent and spacers from Quality Glass Block. This is a picture of the window before it was filled in and with the spacers still in it. The spacer system is very easy to use.

Before and After pictures of windows I bought from Quality Glass Block. Thank you for your prompt shipping and prices!

These are pictures of my newly remodeled bathroom using Glass Block from Quality Glass Block. Thank you Dejah for working with me!

Here are Before and After shots of the Glass Block window we purchased from Quality Glass Block. We love the window. The Wavy Mist pattern gave us just enough privacy while providing a good amount of Light. Thank you Dejah for helping me through the process.

This is a window that Quality Glass Block replaced for me. As you can see, the old window was installed upside down and was not filled in all the way. The mortar eventually cracked out and was not holding back any rain water at all. Even worse, the window was installed on the wrong side of the window well. The first two pictures are the After and the second two are the before pictures. Quality Glass Block came out and installed a brand new window and we love it. Thank you!!!

The attached pictures are of my bathroom where I used Glass Block to create the walls in the Shower. I wanted to use the Delphi Pattern Glass Block and did not choose to use a Shower door. This project was very easy to do as a DIY. My next project will be glass block basement windows. Thank you Quality Glass Block!

Over the summer we built this playhouse for our grandkids and they love it. However, it was missing a key component, vinyl windows so the kids are protected from the elements if they decide to play in it during the fall or winter. We went into Quality Glass Block and they were beyond helpful and knew exactly what we were looking for. Thank you for helping us complete this project for our grandkids. They have enjoyed it this summer and I think they will keep on enjoying it for many more years.

Here is a picture of my Kitchen Island constructed with glass block purchased from Quality Glass Block. Thank you Toni for all of your help. I love my glass block!!! The glass block kitchen counter was made using the SeaScapes Glass Block and constructed with a mortarless system.

Thank you to Quality Glass Block for helping us through the buying process on this glass block shower kit. We purchased the kit online and it arrived within a few weeks. The detailed instructions helped us to put the wall up with no previous experience. The kit was exactly what we needed. We are very pleased with it! Thank you!

We decided to use Quality Glass Block when we remodeled our bathroom. We tore out the old fixtures and the walls down to the bare studs. Quality Glass Block not only walked us through the entire buying process but helped us with our installation as well. The window looks great and we are so happy with our new bathroom.

Toni did a great job working with me to ease my worries about installing these beautiful glass block windows in my house. She took the time to not only go over how to measure the windows, but to install them as well. Toni worked with me through the entire process. Thank you to Toni and Quality Glass Block for making my old dreary bathroom into a bathroom that I love to walk in to!

Hello Toni, Here is a picture of our finished bathroom project. We think the glass block is beautiful. Thank you to Quality Glass Block for all of your help in the process. The color block was well worth the wait! Val

Bought this block to use in the newly remodeled master bath. Sure turned out great.

Hi Toni.... .it's just me Krazy KB from Oregon here....wanted to send you a few pictures of the gorgeous windows you guys made for us.....the room ~~~ or " Woman Cave " ~~~ as it is affectionately called is now finished and we are enjoying it immensely...the windows catch the setting sun like crazy..!!! You guys did an outstanding Job and I am more than pleased with how they came out...the colours are absolutely outrageous and match my dragonfly themed ceiling fan/light...!!! Thanks so much...!!!! KB

Hi Toni, thanks again for the terrific glass blocks. Here are a few pictures of what I used them for. We built 2 garden gates. When the sun shines through the glass, they almost sparkle!

TONI, Wanted to send a photo of Colored Glass block wall. Very happy with products. Thanks, David

Had our new Glass Block windows from Quality Glass Block installed in August. We absolutely love them. Thank you for putting the stone up on the sides of the windows so that we can have the same size block in the width. We will enjoy these windows for years to come! Mr. O

I have created a process of my own invention where I photograph objects through glass block. The images are printed in black and white and then colored. My peers and friends have coined them "pollygraphs." Check out my website to view galleries: www.pollynormanart.com. Thank you Quality Glass Block for your help with purchasing the loose glass block.

We moved our front door to another side of house and created a glass block window where the old door was.

Nativity Scene created with glass blocks

Interesting twist on using Color Glass Block. This vented color Glass Block window can be used in a bathroom or any room needing to add a bit of privacy, color as well as ventilation. Will Absolutely use again! Love this product. Thank you!

Accent window for a MasterBath remodel

What can you do with Spyra? Often we get questions about how to stage the spyra block from Pittsburgh Corning. Here are just a few pictures.


Glass blocks can be bonded on their edges instead of grout. I removed the resin that is used to make the grout stick was removed with a steel scrubby pad. Removing the resin let's you see thru the blocks at all angles. I siliconed the wall together. I love it! Thank you Quality Glass Block!!!

This is one of the blocks we are decorating for our fall fling to raise money for cancer center. Thank you so much Quality Glass Block for all of yoru help! I will definitely be buying again. Missy

Had a blast making designs out of your Deco Glass Block. Thank you so much for all of your help! CUBS Decobloc Decora, Styrofoam beads from craft store and Cubs sticker purchased at the local store. Finished off with polka dot stickers and bows to match. PUMPKIN and TURKEY 2-in-1 holiday decoration! Decobloc Decora, filled with 2 pounds of candy corn. Jack-o-Lantern face cut out from black sticky vinyl (purchased from Amazon). Flip it around on November 1 for the turkey, keeping candy corn. Turkey is simple gel window cling purchased at the local store. (Just make sure to keep the lid on and watch the kids, my son has already stuck his little paws in for some candy corn! Need to refill it!) AVERY 1 and AVERY 2 Decobloc Icescapes – Custom made vinyl cut out purchased from Amazon, polka dot stickers, bows and LED fairy lights. HAND Decobloc Icescapes – Bloody hand from a window cling set purchased at the local store. LED lights tucked inside. Gruesome, but fun Halloween decoration! JAMESON 1 and JAMESON 2 Decobloc Icescapes – Custom made vinyl cut out purchased from Amazon, polka dot stickers, small shark and aquatic mammals hot glued to top – purchased at craft store or can get at toy store, and LED fairy lights. SNOWMAN Decobloc Decora, Styrofoam beads from craft store and vinyl cling purchased on Amazon, finished off with inexpensive ear muffs purchased at Amazon.

We have finished building our new house. Everyone who has seen our new shower is quite impressed by the glass blocks we used instead of an ordinary glass shower enclosure. Those who are old enough remember seeing blocks like them when they were young. It really adds to the "bling" factor of our master bathroom. I am very pleased with both the quality of the material, and the man who installed them Mr. Kenny Arthur of Arthur Tile and Remodeling. Thank-you again for helping me get the blocks lined up, with all of the parts we needed to accomplish the installation. Pam and Ken

Had our new Glass Block windows from Quality Glass Block installed in August. We absolutely love them. Thank you for putting the stone up on the sides of the windows so that we can have the same size block in the width. We will enjoy these windows for years to come!

Glass Block I bought for my bathroom. Thank you Quality for helping me come up with the unique design.