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Glass Block Vents

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Sturdy, Efficient Glass Block Vents

Our glass block vents are crafted to be secure and trouble free. Installation is easy, and the resulting vents are efficient, attractive and durable.

Components of our Mortar Series glass block vents are designed with channels in the outer mainframe so that vents lock securely into a mortared glass block panel. Our Silicone Series vents are built with materials that allow for easy adhesion.


We have listed the features of both of our glass block vent series below:


  • 100 percent pure virgin vinyl mainframe and sash
  • Hollow chambers in the mainframe to increase energy efficiency
  • Eight individual seals to secure glass panes
  • Co-extruded weather strip bulb to ensure a positive seal
  • Dual pane glass – available in clear, with obscure being the standard
  • Polycarbonate sash lock at the top of each vent to ensure strength, durability and increased energy efficiency.
  • 1/8-inch-thick Poly-carbonite hinges for rust-free operation and increased efficiency
  • Full bug screen to keep pests out
  • Available frame widths include 3-inch standard and 4-inch snap-on adapters


Whether you are a homeowner, a builder, an architect or contractor, we can help you find the best glass block vent design for your project. Contact Quality Glass Block and Window Company to learn more about our complete catalog of products and services. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have.