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Mortarless Installation Accessories

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Mortarless Installation Accessories

Building interior walls with Mortarless Installation Accessories just became easier for you!

Want glass block in your space but don’t want the mess of mortar?  Or perhaps you are a DYI type of individual.  Maybe you are even trying to save a buck or two and plan to take the challenge on yourself.  Whatever type of person or type you choose or feel you are, let it be known that with our mortarless installation systems your dreams of having glass block in your home is now something that can come true!

See below for what you will need for each glass block line.


VetroKwik – Used with our Vetropieno Glass Bricks you will need all six different modules to build a secure mortarless system with the glass bricks.  You will need Interlocking Module, Interlocking Module Left Corner, Interlocking Module Right Corner, Layout Module, Layout Module Left Corner and Layout Module Right Corner.  These modules will give you the complete seamless beautiful look that our Vetropieno glass blocks have to offer for any interior use.

3″ Thinline and 1919/8 Basic Line Glass Block – The KwikN-EZ are universal with one another due to the blocks having the same profile.  You will need the following accessories to make your build a snap!  Universal Anchors Packs, Grout, Sealant, Thinline Horizontal and Vertical Spacers.  We also have shape spacer packs for the Basic Line Rounded Corners and Allbends.

If you are planning to use your glass blocks just in a window in your home we also have the Thinline Channels that can make a beautiful frame and act as an anchor for your project.

4″ Premiere Glass Block –  Provantage 4″ System Accessories such as Universal Anchor Packs, Grout, Sealant, Provantage Horizontal and Vertical Spacers.  We also have shape spacer packs for the rounded corners and Allbends.

If you are planning to use your 4″ thick glass blocks in a window, we also have a Premiere Channels to fit our 4″ thick glass block.

Design Line Pegasus – The Pegasus and Mendini are basically the same block, just a different pattern.  Meaning they have the same profiles to work with our Design Line Pegasus Mortarless System.  With this system you will need Universal Anchor Packs, Grout, Silicone, Pegasus Horizontal and Vertical Spacers.  (note that these do not have spacers for rounded corners, which would call for a different installation system.)

The Thinline channel will also be okay to use with the Design Line.

Design Line Doric – A unique block that comes with it’s very own unique mortarless system.  This means the profile of this block will only match the Design Line Doric Mortarless System and can not be mixed with other spacer systems.  They have specialized Doric Wall Anchors, Doric Horizontal and Vertical Spacers, Sealant and Grout.


Please take note that grout is sold separately.


For more information or need help going through the options above, give our team a call at Quality Glass Block and we would be more than happy to assist you!












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