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Glass Block

3 Inch Thinline Series

3″ Thinline Series can serve multiple purposes: to protect the privacy of you and your family, to provide a comfortable, attractive atmosphere and eliminate the need for window treatments.

Quality Glass Block 8x8x3 Nubio

4 Inch Premiere Series

4 Inch Premier Series Glass Block, the favorite of the bunch is now available and can be used with both installation systems, mortar or mortarless.

Quality Glass Block 8x8x4 Regent

High Performance Line

If your surrounding area calls for specific building codes, our High Performance Glass Block is the place to start.  No matter what you are needing, high security, fire rated, tornado resistant, hurricane resistant we’ve got you six in that area!

Quality Glass Block 8x8x3 VistaBrik Clear

Basic Line

The Basic Line are manufactured in a variety of unique clear glass patterns and colors to suit your style and needs.  You can mix the blocks or use one singularly.  Either option will create a uniqueness of its own.

Quality Glass Block 1919/8 Basic Series Marina

Solid Glass Bricks

Solid Glass Bricks are no longer used for window security.  Our solid glass bricks by The Seves Glass Block ™ Company are making a one of a kind statement of beauty.

Quality Glass Block Vetropieno Blue Rettangolare

Design Line

You can never go wrong with our glass block Design Line.  This is almost like adding eye candy to your home or space that you want to share with the world.

Quality Glass Block Q19 Giada


Coming in seven basic colors and one pattern and options for special orders, our MyMiniGlass Line has become a popular hit around the country.

Quality Glass Block 6x6x3 MyMiniGlass Sophisticated Ruby

Horizontal Products

Engineered pavers that are capable of being featured in flooring have been making a strong comeback where walkways are concerned.  While adding additional light to flow through areas of office buildings to help save energy costs.

Quality Glass Block R19/10 Hollow Orbis Clearview Pavers

Craft Block

Whether you like to create new art or use your art in a modern application, Quality Glass Block and Window Company can provide the outlet for your creativity with our DecoBloc Craft Blocks.

Quality Glass Block 1919/8 Clearview Craft Block

Custom Color Glass Block Line

Custom Color Glass Block Line is similar to a sublimation application, the color is baked into the glass either single (one side), double sided (both sides) on either matte or gloss finish and a UV coating to protect for any exterior jobs.

Splash Custom Color Nubio Glass Block

More Info

Glass Blocks from Seves Glass Block

Quality Glass Block and Window Company is one of the nation’s leading distributors of high quality, loose glass blocks. Available in various sizes, shapes and patterns, our products give homeowners and builders a multitude of options to create impressive designs with materials of the highest quality.

Individual glass blocks are ideal for new construction and remodeling for windows and shower systems. Our products are cost-effective and energy-efficient. Quality Glass Block and Window Company customers use our products to complete unique designs that create an attractive, well-lit environment while allowing for a high level of privacy and security.

  • Quality Glass Block and Window Company carries 3-inch Thinline® Series glass blocks, 4-inch Premiere™ Series glass blocks, specialty glass blocks, high performance glass blocks, and DecoBloc® crafting blocks.
  • Our glass block shapes include finishing units, and corner blocks, The Corners and Allbends™ are useful for turning corners and creating radius walls and shower enclosures.
  • The versatility of our glass blocks means they can be placed in multiple settings, including homes, bathrooms, basements and garages. They can also be used in commercial and government buildings.
  • Glass blocks are built to be configurable, water resistant and easily replaced.
  • All of our loose glass blocks are made by Seves Glass Block™, but we also supply vents and some tools.

Contact Quality Glass Block and Window Company today to learn more about our loose glass blocks and the designs we can provide you. Our experts are happy to guide you throughout the process, or we can provide assistance with assembly or wherever else you need help.

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