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Corner Glass Block Wall Kits

The versatility of these Corner Glass Block Wall Kits will radiate timeless beauty in your space for years to come.  Always being accustomed to using our 4″ thick glass block with making walls is now a thing of the past as we introduce the Design Line, 80 mm Basic Series Line and also our MyMiniGlass Line.  With these choices the design option and your imagination can run wild when creating the look that you desire.

What is in the kits:

The Mortarless Kits for the Sharp 90 Degree Corners only:

  • The proper amount of glass block as specified in your requests
  • Pegasus Horizontal Spacers
  • Pegasus Vertical Spacer Packs
  • Universal Anchor Packs
  • Glass Block Silicone

Grout sold separately.

The Mortar Kits for either Sharp 90 or Rounded Corners:

  • Stainless Steel Panel Anchors
  • Stainless Steel Panel Reinforcements
  • Universal Spacer Bags

Mortar sold separately.

Still offering our beloved Premier Series 4″ thick glass block in our Corner Glass Block Wall Kits, we would also like to introduce the options of all our kits below:


Patterns of Choice:

Design Line Corner Wall Kits 


4″ Premier Corner Wall Kits

Nubio and Cortina

MyMiniGlass Corner Wall Kits


80mm Basic Line Corner Wall Kits

Wavy and Arctic


For more information on our corner glass block wall kits or need help designing, call our team today at Quality Glass Block and Window!