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Glass Block Windows

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Glass Block Windows

Quality Glass Block and Window Company is an industry leader in preassembled glass block windows, and all of our prefabricate windows use Seves glass blocks. Preassembled glass block windows offer ample light, privacy and security, and are ideal for residential and commercial projects.


Leaders in Glass Block Windows

  • We offer standard and custom sizes, both with and without ventilation. With decades of experience and a design team on staff, we can help homeowners, builders, architects and contractors find the best product for your project.
  • Energy saving, low maintenance design: Our glass block windows effectively eliminate the need for storm windows and reduce the energy required for heating and cooling. Glass block does not require additional the caulking, puttying and painting that typically accompany weatherizing window fixtures.
  • In addition, glass block panels don’t rust, they don’t rot and the frame doesn’t peel. Cleaning is as simple as applying a damp cloth of window cleaner.

Glass Block Windows versus Single Pane Window

  • Comparing a Seves Glass Block Window to a single pane window, (1/8” flat sheet):
  • Energy efficiency: Glass block is comparable to a double pane window, eliminating drafts. Single pane has minimal insulating value.
  • Window treatment: Glass block privacy is controlled by pattern selection, so no treatment is required.
  • Security: Glass block resists breakage and reduces the risk of forced access.
  • Replacement: One glass block can be replaced rather than an entire single pane window.
  • Water penetration: Sometimes an issue for below-grade single pane installations, glass block offers increased water resistance in these scenarios.
  • Cost: Glass block is comparable – or less expensive.


For more information on our Glass Block Windows call us today at Quality Glass Block and one of our team members will be able to assist you!