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At Quality Glass Block and Window, we love seeing when our customers incorporate color glass block into their design and decor projects. Color glass block provides home owners, architects and project designers a beautiful option for adding their versatile personality and a bespoke-like atmosphere to any residential or commercial property.

When you choose color glass block for a project, you get the same benefits and features as you would with any of our non-tinted glass block products. Color glass block is the perfect material to use for bringing your ideal aesthetic vision to life. 

And, you won’t have to sacrifice privacy, security, or daylighting levels to get the look you want!

If there’s a color you can think of, there’s probably a color glass block with it’s name on it. However, if you can’t find the color you’re looking for, you can talk to the team at Quality Glass Block and Window, and we can create a special product just for you.

With color glass block, the possibilities (and discussion topics) are literally endless! While we’re happy to discuss the esteemed merits of incorporating color glass block in your projects, or share our never-ending well of design ideas with you, that would take awhile. We know you’re busy and your time is valuable.

Instead, we’ve broken down all the information about color glass block and dedicated a section about them in our blog. Here, you’ll find answers to your questions about color glass block and see new and inspirational ways on how to use them in your next project. 

The color glass block blog is where you can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about color glass block. Enjoy!