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Glass Block FAQs is something we take seriously.  Here at Quality Glass Block we like to get down to the bottom of any issues, questions or concerns that our customers may have when it comes to our glass block products.  No matter what the question is you can most likely find it on our website if you just know where to look.

You’re in luck my friend because this page will be full of goodies that you can just click in order to find something quickly, and I am here to spill all my secrets on how to do just that while giving you the right links to find our FAQs page.

With our FAQ page, you will find clearly the most frequently asked questions.  This page can kick start your journey with our glass block products by going into detail on the differences and do’s and don’t of glass block.

But, we tend to break it down into what we think and believe are the most asked when we speak to customers on the phone.


  • What is the difference between imperial sizing and Metric Sizing?
  • What is the difference between actual size and nominal size with Imperial size blocks?
  • Are glass blocks load bearing?
  • When will my order ship?
  • Is there a minimum order quantity?

This page isn’t loaded with as many questions as you’d think but enough to give you the idea on where it will lead.  A lot of the information can actually be found in our North American Guide.  This guide we pretty much send to everyone whos is learning or wanting to do a specific glass block project but needs more information.

It is jam packed with everything and anything including glass block products, what they are used for, how to install and what their specs are, etc.  This particular guide will direct the customer or contractor on which products are best to be used in your project.

For any other information that you are in search for but can’t find in the above guide, you can always search for it in our Resources Tab.  Our Resources Tab is pretty much state of the art if you as me.  We break it down for the customer.  Of course you can always take the hard road and scroll through all the documents listed.  But, you may want to work smarter and not harder and use the filter box off to the left.

The filter box is there for a reason.  It makes breaking down your search easier for you.  All you would need to know is, your installation type, product line you are working with, and the document type you are looking for.  I promise once you fill those areas in with the auto filler your searching will be a breeze.  Whatever isn’t there, there is also a search box below the filter that you can do more self search.  Or give us a call and we can guide you through.


For more information or guidance with our FAQs or what I have shared with you above, give us a call at Quality Glass Block and we would be more than happy to assist you.