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Glass Block Features

The numerous features of glass block is why so many builders, homeowners and designers choose glass block to be part of their project designs. There are very few other materials on the market today that can multi-task and switch gears as easily and effortlessly as glass block. 

From Hurricane windows to custom art murals and everything in between, glass block should be seen as your go-to material for creating spaces that are both efficient and breathtaking.

What types of features can you leverage from glass block? The sky is truly the limit with glass block and glass brick, however, we think the following seven features are especially noteworthy:

There’s a lot to know about glass block, we get it. 

To help our customers understand the multitude of features and benefits to be gained from glass block, we’ve created the Quality Glass Block and Window blog. It’s where we share everything there is to know about glass block and how it can enhance your next build or renovation.  

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