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Kitchen ideas are no joke.  Especially when it comes to my family.  It’s the one space that gathering happens that is sacred and warming.  The heart of the home.  Memories are made, food is shared and many many laughs.

So why not step up your game in the kitchen and creating a space, or updating your space to bring in more light, more sparkle, more uniqueness and more you and your family to the table.

When creating with glass block in the kitchen there are a few things to consider.  Is it a darker space you are trying to brighten?  Are you wanting to add color or textures?  You need to ask yourself what you want out of your space.  What speaks to you as a person, because this is one space you don’t want to throw things together and hope for the best.

I have a lot of customers who come to me asking what I would do to add more light but provide a more intimate setting.  Two things come to my mind and building glass block in the island isn’t one of them.  Yes, that does create a unique look but I want bigger.  I want it to scream, I thought about this space with my whole heart.  Which then leads to divider walls and backsplashes.

In my old home my kitchen faced the outside wall.  I would have given anything for more natural light.  The backsplash, if I could of had it done would of been the way to go.  Just incorporating a timeless piece such as glass block into that space keeps the room no only bright but also gives it character.

When I think of the perfect back splash with glass block I think of two patterns, Clarity and Artic.  I would even throw in the 1S and 2S in there to soften the appearance  to a glow and bring in a bit more privacy if the Clarity was decided upon.

Although these two patterns are my favorite, do not feel limited on going with them when we have so many options to choose from in our glass block product lines:

As for dividers, or making a whole wall out of glass block to allow the outside light in I would go with my hand down favorite, the Doric pattern.  The quirkiness of this pattern brings a smile to my face as I assure it would to yours as well.

It is a 3D texture fluted glass block that holds value and character.  Coming in two sizes of out Q19 and Q30 with multiple forms of added character from non-metalized, metalized and 1S.

As the kitchen ideas go on, there really isn’t a wrong way.  The only wrong way is to not do something for yourself on the materials you love.  If you dislike the glass block look, we have options.  We have our solid glass brick options that make perfect replacements for what I have even mentioned above.

Available in 4 different colors and two sizes to get the aesthetic look you want, this series is one to wow all your family and friends at get togethers.

My point about all these ideas, is your space is not limited anymore.  The Vetropieno is another beautiful option that if put as a back splash or part of your kitchen island it would fit right in like it was meant to be right in that space.

Looking for something more traditional

Not to worry, we have that for you as well.  If you want to update your kitchen space but don’t have the wall to knock down or spend a ton of money on a renovation but still looking for something nice.  Our wall and bar kits is where it is at.  Leave the stress of figuring out all the accessories up to us!

In our Wall Kits and Corner Wall Kits (you can use both depending on your tastes) it makes your project a bit easier for the customer, not only on the pocket book but easier when it comes to not knowing how to go about the idea.

Or say this doesn’t work for you.  Call us!  We can design or help you create something that you might have your mind set on to fit in your space.  Just because these ideas above are listed, trust me don’t let them limit your ability to create a space to share with all the family.

For more information on our glass block or brick products for your kitchen ideas, call our team today.  We will be more than happy to walk you through your project!