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Outdoor construction using glass blocks is not only unique but also quite fun when sprucing up your garden or outdoor space.  When customers come to Quality Glass Block, it’s not always all about walls and windows.  Sometimes we get those individuals that like to step out of the box a bit and put their spin of creativity to the mix.

Still to this day, one of my favorite jobs listed in Glass Block Inspiration, had a glass block wall put on top of a short privacy wall.  The customer wanted something a little taller for her pool area.  Something unique, different and was not shy of putting her spin on their outdoor project.  Which brings me joy when customers get excited for their ideas and creativity.  From adding custom color to clear half blocks made this glass block wall it’s own.  One beautiful addition for added privacy and a classy classic look mixed with her California home.

Yes, this is a privacy wall and on top of another wall.  What about something different?  Okay, I can go there too.  Which is why I will be listing a bunch of different ideas that glass block can be used for other than the norm.

  • Outdoor lights
  • Mailbox surround
  • Inside a wood trellis / Privacy Screen
  • Privacy walls
  • Outdoor showers
  • Outdoor bar
  • Custom glass block murals

Say you would like to fix up your curb appeal, and want something that brings light, but don’t want to stand out in the glass block community.  We have something for you as well.  Our Photovoltaic Solar Powered Lights would be a nice garden, or front yard, driveway lining idea you wouldn’t want to miss.

Coming in round or a square option, these beautiful solid glass solar lights will not only illuminate your outdoor space, but it will do so in a soft appearance so it isn’t too much to the eye.

Don’t forget our Vetropieno Glass Bricks.  These make fantastic landscaping pieces to add some color and art to your gardens or yards.  With the this particular application you will not only provide a sparkle to the gardens but also a neat aesthetic look that will separate your home from your neighbors.


For more information in regards to our Outdoor Construction or even more ideas that you’d like to run by us.  Give our team a call today, where we would be more than happy to assist you.