Glass Block Solar Wall Tubes

  • Solar Wall Tubes by Quality Glass Block

    Available in 8" and 16" modules, with various depths to accommodate different wall thickness requirements.  Our Solar Wall Tubes by Seves Glass Block are perfect for commercial locations or locations with a multi-width walls looking to bring more light into a specific space.  These high performace provide light transmission that brings in natural daylight to help bring energy costs down.  With options of, hollow, solid or energy efficient glass blocks how can you say now for increased daylight in a workspace that will overall improve employee perfomance and mood?  Here at Quality Glass Block and Window, we can work with you to select the style that fits your privacy needs, provide technical specifications, discuss custom fabrication needs for your project, and assist with installation.


    For more information on your Solar Wall Tube project, give us a call today at Quality Glass Block and one of our sales team members will be more than happy to assist you!

    PDF icon SGB-015 Solar Wall Tube.pdf
    PDF icon SGB-016 Solar Wall Tube Specs.pdf
    PDF icon SGB-017_Solar Wall Tubes Installation Instructions (7-18-17).pdf