Impact Resistant Glass, Blast Resistant Glass

Protect Your Building with Tough, Durable Glass Blocks


Quality Glass Block and Window Company offers a range of options with security features, including our blast-resistant glass block panels. This product, part of Pittsburgh Corning’s LightWise Architectural Systems Series, allows in light while maintaining a high level of privacy for building occupants. We recommend this type of glass block for high-risk buildings, including military facilities, airports, government offices, courthouses, embassies, correctional facilities, financial centers, arenas and other high-profile spaces.

  • Quality Glass Block and Window Company’s blast-resistant glass block panels are built to provide greater security than conventional windows.
  • The blocks we use meet GSA and UFC 04-010-01 blast glass standards, meaning they can withstand serious tests without cracking or losing glass pieces. The glass also resists damage from graffiti.
  • In addition to being harder to break, these windows reduce hazardous glass fragments that typically result from shattered glass.
  • Like other Quality Glass Block and Window Company products, our blast-resistant glass blocks are available in a variety of visibility and privacy options.

As you secure your building, contact a Quality Glass Block and Window Company representative to learn more about your protective glass block options.

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