Glass Block Expansion Strips

Contractors and other construction professionals that are working with glass block windows and glass block walls are sure to appreciate the affordable pricing on the highest quality glass block expansion strips. At Quality Glass Block and Window, we provide glass block expansion strips that are essential for the proper commercial installation of glass blocks. Glass block expansion strips are placed along jambs and protect against damages that can result the expansion and contraction associated with hot and cold weather conditions. Glass Block expansion strips will also help to defend against other damages that can occur as a building settles over time.


3 X 16” Glass Block Expansion Strips

When you choose Quality Glass Block and Window for your glass block expansion strips you can expect competitive pricing as well as superior customer service that you won’t find anywhere else.  Our Polyethylene expansion strips are simple to install and are made in the U.S.A. Simply position them around the perimeter of any commercial glass block mortar installation. You can rest assured that the glass block expansion strips will not be visible once your project has been completed. When contractors need to protect glass blocks from the effects of building settling, and building expansion and contraction they turn to the trusted professionals at Quality Glass Block and Window for affordable glass block expansion strips.


Glass Block Expansion Strips From Quality Glass Block And Window

If you have any questions about our high quality, affordable glass block expansion strips for sale contact the experts at Quality Glass Block and Window Co. We offer competitive pricing on American made glass block products from Pittsburgh Corning, as well as the tools and supplies that you will need to install them. From glass block installation services, glass block sales, glass block mortar, glass block tools, and advice our dedicated professionals have everything you will need to complete your glass block project.