A guide to understanding what you need.


If you are building interior walls, you would need:

Provantage Accessories such as Anchor Packs, Grout, Sealant, Provantage Spacers system. (This only works with 4" Premier series glass block along with shapes and finishing units.)


If you are building glass block windows using residential series glass block, you would need:

All the residential series products along with Sealant.  (This only works with 3" thinline residential series glass block.)

NOTE - This does not work with the MENDINI, PEGASUS and VETRIPIENO Series.  Please go to their individual pages to purchase their respective mortarless systems.


If you are building a glass block window using Premiere series glass block, you would need:

Kwik N EZ Rigid Track Spacers along with the sealant. (This only works with 4" Premiere Series Glass Block)


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