Pegasus 19 Color Collection

The Pegasus 19 Collection available from Quality Glass Block and Window Company is made up of two categories of glass block along with two different installation methods.  The glass blocks, made by the Seves Glass Block™, are manufactured in a metric size.  

The Pegasus Series Metalized Finished Color Glass Blocks are manufactured in a variety of distinct color options to satisfy even the most demanding color pallet.  The color in these blocks is an injected color giving the center of the glass block a vibrant look.  The glass blocks are manufactured with an exclusive metalized finish on the bond coating to give the edges a silver metallic shine.  There will be a 6-8-week lead time for the glass blocks that we do not have in stock.  With this colored glass block collection, the possibilities are endless.

The Pegasus Series Non-Metalized Finished Color Glass Block category have two available finishes and eight awe inspiring colors to choose from.  With these Pegasus Series glass blocks, the glass is colored during the manufacturing process giving you a true colored glass all the way through the glass block.  This collection of glass blocks can be used for windows or for walls with some colors having corner and end blocks to create a truly personal look.   The lead time is anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for us to get them wrapped up properly and then depending on the amount of order and stock it can take 3-10 business days for delivery.  Delivery time varies from state to state so please call for more specific ETA times and for stock quantities.


At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we provide two different options to install your glass blocks depending on your skill level and application.  We offer the Pegasus Series Mortar Accessories for the traditional mortar installation.  All of these accessories are designed to be used with a traditional mortar installation.  We offer the  Pegasus Series Mortarless Accessories for the those who do not want to install their project in mortar.  This option will be using silicone and spacers to assemble your glass block creations.  Due to the glass block profile, the current Residential and Basic mortarless spacers do not work with the Pegasus Series glass block.  You must use the Pegasus spacers located  Pegasus Series Mortarless Accessories

Please remember that colors may vary from monitor to monitor.   Actual colors may look different that what is actually received.


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