Pegasus 19 Color Collection


Pegasus Metalized:

Pegasus Metalized is something that is unique for everyone.  The mirror like edge coating helps reflect the color to give more of a jewel toned look to the 24 different colors, including the clear.  Coming in the Wavy pattern only, the Pegasus is split in the colors a bit.  You have eight total colors, including clear that are actual colored glass blocks that can be used in just about anywhere, and sixteen injected colors that you can use for interior use only.  Let your creative juices flow with these amazing glass blocks to create something special for your space!


Pegasus Non-Metalized:

Our Non-Metalized Pegasus blocks are very simple, clean, no metalized/mirror reflective edge coating with rounded finishing units compared to our Imperial and Basic lines.  We have come across a lot of customers who aren’t too impressed with the finishing units in those lines so the next best place to direct them is to our Pegasus Series.  Coming in Smooth and Wavy patterns only with eight different color options, including clear can allow the customer to mix and match to their hearts desire.


At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we provide two different options to install your glass blocks depending on your skill level and application.  We offer the Pegasus Series Mortar Accessories for the traditional mortar installation.  All of these accessories are designed to be used with a traditional mortar installation.  We offer the  Pegasus Series Mortarless Accessories for the those who do not want to install their project in mortar.  This option will be using silicone and spacers to assemble your glass block creations.  Due to the glass block profile, the current Residential and Basic mortarless spacers do not work with the Pegasus Series glass block.  You must use the Pegasus spacers located  Pegasus Series Mortarless Accessories

Please remember that colors may vary from monitor to monitor.   Actual colors may look different that what is actually received.


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