Standard Fit Glass Block Shower Kit

  • Beautiful Showers Built for Practicality

    We design shower system enclosures for multiple purposes, and one of our popular designs is the standard fit shower. The standard fit more closely resembles a traditional shower, complete with a shower door. The difference is in the materials. Our high quality glass block products line your shower to provide beauty and illumination. This luxurious look provides a greater level of privacy than traditional showers, with translucent blocks built to scatter light while limiting visibility.

    Our glass block shower systems are shipped in complete kits.  Simply add grout.  As you remodel, if you are in our installation service area, you may want to consider our installation services.

    Our systems include the following features:

    • An acrylic base firmly supports the glass block design above it, and the traditional installation helps to reduce time and labor. The smooth material is easy to clean and very durable.
    • Showers are fitted with pre-selected doors that are easy to install.
    • We offer options in mortar installation, or mortar-free. The ProVantage Glass Block Installation System is free of mortar, relying on a special spacer system and anchor system.
    • All shower systems come with thorough instructions for installation, as well as a complete bill of materials.
    • Mortar or grout sold seperately.

    Select a shower system design that suits your aesthetic and space needs, and please contact Quality Glass Block and Window Company with any questions you might have. Our experts are prepared to guide you through the selection and installation process.

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