Tornado Resistant Windows

  • LightWise Vertical Architectural Systems, Tornado Resistant Glass Block Windows

    Where safety and security are critical these Tornado Resistant Glass Block Windows are something to talk about.  With the solid Vistabrik and steel frame grid, this window requires very little maintenance and will give you a peace of mind.  They not only keep you safe but also allow you to see what is happening outside of the shelter and also allows daylight to flow through effortlessly. 

    Our Tornado Resistant Glass Block Windows performance features and benefits are as follows:

    • Effective protection against air pressure and flying debris cause by tornado-force winds
    • Highest standard of performance for FEMA 361
    • Factory assembled for consistent quality


    What a Tornado Resistant Window can Provide for you:

    • Strength and durability of steel
    • Beauty and strength of laminated Vistabrik
    • Enhanced security with vision and light transmission
    • Resistance to Tornado-force winds and flying debris
    • Reduced on-site labor costs
    • Protection from damaging UV rays


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