Walk-in Glass Block Shower Kit

  • Spacious and Beautiful

    Depending on the space available to you, the Quality Glass Block and Window Company walk-in shower could be the perfect option for your bathroom. The glass block walk-in shower is built to be spacious, luxurious and highly practical. Unlike the standard fit shower, the walk-in design includes two larger glass block walls, with a curvature acting as a shield to keep water in the shower. This design does not have a door.

    Similar to our standard fit shower system, the walk-in design uses only the highest quality glass blocks of the Seves Premiere Glass Block Series. These glass block products are specially designed to scatter light, allowing you to make use of light from the rest of the bathroom, while providing a greater level of privacy than transparent blocks.

    We design our shower systems in advance a simplified selection process and easy installation. We provide thorough installation instructions; if needed, Quality Glass Block and Window Company specialists can help over the phone or in some cases provide complete installation service.

    Features of our walk-in shower systems include:

    • An acrylic base for easy cleaning and durability. Our bases are sturdy and installed like a traditional shower base to reduce time and labor.
    • Quality Glass Block and Window Company offers two types of installation: mortar or mortar-free. The mortar-less option is part of our ProVantage Glass Block Installation System, which relies on a special spacer system and anchor system instead of mortar.
    • The Premiere Series Glass Block is durable and easy to maintain, and it is known for its beauty and practicality.
    • Kits include a complete bill of materials as well as a detailed set of instructions.
    • Mortar or Grout sold seperately.

    The Walk in Shower kits are packaged per order and the bases are produced as needed.  Please allow ample time for delivery.

    Contact a Quality Glass Block and Window Company representative for detailed information on our shower systems, or browse our website for product specifications. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you have.

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