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Vinyl Wrapped Glass Block Windows

Fully Assembled and Easily Installed

Quality Glass Block and Window Company have industry-leading expertise in prefabricating windows that are ready to install. Our Vinyl wrapped glass block windows set the standard in high-quality, fully assembled windows. Frames are pre-assembled with 3-inch glass blocks, complete with a fully welded frame. Our customers may choose any style of Thinline block to be included, and the product is ready to install upon arrival.

We use high quality Pittsburgh Corning glass blocks, crafted to be versatile, sturdy and highly durable. Available in multiple designs and styles, our wide selection of glass blocks provides a home or commercial building with plenty of natural light, beauty and security. Upon customer request, we will help with the installation process. As you remodel, if you are in our installation service area, you may want to consider our installation services.

  • Quality Glass Block and Window Company’s vinyl wrapped glass block windows are constructed to be Virtually maintenance free, with built-in decorative J-channel brick molds.
  • Vinyl wrapped glass blocks include a built-in nailing fin and a 3-inch frame channel. This allows for more sizing options and a wider variety of block patterns.
  • The bottom of the frame is pre-punched for a water weep system. Vinyl wrapped glass block window frames are available in two colors: white and “desert sand”.

Our quick mount glass block panels are ideal for homeowners, builders, architects and contractors. We specialize in helping to find the perfect fit for any project. Quality Glass Block and Window Company experts can help you with any questions you have, whether they are product-related or about our installation services, so please contact us today.

Due to the custom nature of these products, please allow

between 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.