Weather the Storm with Hurricane-Resistant Windows

So far this hurricane season, storm damage has not been limited to the Gulf Coast and the Southeastern states. Even New York City and Boston got a taste of hurricane force winds as Hurricane Irene slammed buildings that don’t typically brace for that type of weather. Damage estimates were as high as $20 billion. Commercial and residential buildings alike were pummeled by rain, wind and debris.

As hurricane season winds down and those who have been affected go about rebuilding their lives,

Quality Glass Block and Window Company is reminding homeowners and business owners about our sturdy hurricane-resistant Pittsburgh Corning glass block windows.

“Being prepared is what saves lives,” said Ray Tuminello, President of Quality Glass Block and Window Company. “While damage report stats are staggering, the death toll reports have been improving over the years. This can be attributed in part to smart people making smart decisions regarding the products with which they choose to guard themselves.”

Meeting the strictest guidelines of the “benchmark standard” Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance, these glass block windows meet the large missile impact test and are classified as “impact and blast resistant.”  While these glass blocks look exactly like ordinary glass blocks, rest assured they are not.  With ¾-inch thick glass front and back, these glass blocks still offer the same lighting and privacy benefits of traditional glass block.

As a leader in glass blocks for sale, Quality Glass Block and Window Company is committed to helping you find the products that best compliment your home or office building, while offering you the protection you need. Whether you are rebuilding from a recent disaster, or just want to keep your family safe from future potential disasters, contact us for more information about our hurricane-resistant options.