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One way to stand out from a crowd isn’t to just have glass block in your home alone, but to have a one of a kind your choice of mural on glass block is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.  We understand that this is a bit more customized, but if you plan to stay in your home for a long period of time why not have something that brings you joy every time you see it?

Our glass block murals are made from glass blocks that are manufactured by Seves Glass Block™ and created with an art fusion process in our warehouse here in the United States.  With our Matte option for more privacy needed areas, our customers have the freedom to choose between the Nubio or Clarity glass block options to give more texture to their space.   When the art fusion process is done we provide UV protection for exterior projects to help with the longevity of the mural for your specific use.

To find out more about our murals and where to look at the mural photo options call our staff at Quality Glass Block today!  We will be more than happy to run through the process, show you photos of past projects done and also direct you to how to find the best mural to suite your needs.

Quality Glass Block Murals