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Architectural Features may leave some scratching their heads when glass block is involved.  People often wonder why, or what the big deal is about glass block.  Most even think it’s out dated, but I am here to tell you my friend that glass block is making a come back.  Yes, you heard that correct.  A. Come. Back!  Not just a come back in the residential type basement windows, but a huge come back in architectural features as well.

With the energy ratings, the ability to provide privacy and light, along with creating a neat functional space on the interior side of things.  The sky is seriously the limit when it comes to the manufacture of Seves Glass Block products and our team here at Quality Glass Block.

Below are a few of the features that are offered with glass block that might strike your fancy while looking through, just know glass block isn’t limited to just the below:

  • Horizontal Products –  Ask us about precast concrete and glass panels.  Mainly used to allow light to be shared passing between levels in a commercial building, even in the darkest spots. These panels are designed and engineered for maximum durability and then some!
  • Solar Wall Tubes – A high quality thermal performance, while providing maximum daylight without compromising the masonry look!  Where do I sign up??  With the various size options I am almost positive we can find something for your project.
  • Security and Detention Windows –  The perfect solution for allowing light to flow through an already dark and dreary place, but also protecting those who are serving to keep us all safe.  These windows are no joke.  Can be costly, but the beauty, durability, time and craftmanship put into detention windows with our solid Vistabrik will make anyone feel secure in times of need.  The price is almost obsolete when it comes to peoples safety and I know Seves Glass Block and us here at Quality Glass Block couldn’t agree more.
  • Blast Resistant Windows – Many injuries from buildings are caused by glass fragments that fly through the air from a force blast.  Meeting the GSA and UFC 04-0110-01 blast glass standards, going with Seves Glass Block product is a no brainer.  Not only this provides great security with enhanced protection compared to the conventional window, but it also allows plenty of light in the places that may need it most.  Ideal for any government facility, which here at Quality Glass Block and Window have experience assisting.
  • Hurricane Resistant Windows –  Not only do we specialize in Hurricane Resistant Residential Glass Block Windows in house here at Quality Glass Block, but we are also capable of getting those tougher sizes for any commercial location in the areas where Mother Nature knows now bounds.  She can be beautiful, but wicked all at the same time and enjoyable to watch from afar.  However, not everyone in her path has the luxury to pack up and move when a hint of her wrath is heading your way.  Why not be protected with our Hurricane Resistant Glass Block Windows in any hurricane location, having the option of privacy and most transparent glass block patterns.  Meeting several code approvals for the Miami/Dade county including Texas Department of Insurance.
  • Tornado Resistant Windows –  Engineered in a high-performance window that provides effective protection against air pressure and flying debris caused my tornado forced winds, isn’t something you want to shy away from.  Available in various sizes, utilizing laminated Vistabrik and framed in a steel frame and grid systems.  This particular application is applied where security and safety is needed most while still allowing those to have daylight shed upon them during such a stressful time.

Now as you have read above that glass block has many bonus options that many probably don’t know about, you can also use them as an interior option as well.  Some offices have conference rooms surrounded by four solid walls in the middle of a commercial building with little to no light.  That can all be changed with adding glass block as part of the wall.  This not only will help on energy costs, but also can still provide the privacy that might be needed during specific meetings that are held.

I have seen many inspirational photos where some commercial locations use all glass block, even for the desk areas, wall dividers and as exterior walls, or part of.

The neat thing about Glass Block Architectural Features is there are so many out there and so little of the people know about them.  The mission in this message is to get your brains going on what can be done and not focus on what can’t be done with Glass Block.

Everything that we have to offer here at Quality Glass Block, we are here to listen to your ideas and help your imagination run a bit wild.  While, also being realistic and keeping things within the Seves Glass Block guidelines for safety purposes.

With this said, call us and run your idea through our team here at Quality Glass Block for your architectural needs.  We are more than happy to assist you on making your new home or commercial location not only safer and more durable but also an enjoyable and unique place for everyone within.