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Glass Brick is a solid non hollow glass block that can range from 2 1/8″ and 3″ thick depending on which is chosen or needed for your specific project.

Goodness, where do we start when it comes to Glass Brick!  I suppose the beginning would be a smart.   Everyone seems to love glass block in general, but what most don’t see, nor understand is glass block isn’t the only item that customers, such as yourself can use.  Around the home, commercial, landscape you name it glass brick is now an option.  And we here at Quality Glass Block totally support it being one.

Although it is a higher end item, you can’t go wrong with whichever color or item you choose.  It is definitely money well spent and if I don’t say so myself a top of the line item for those who are looking to fancy up a few things or put a unique touch in their space or new office building glass brick is definitely our suggestion here at Quality Glass Block.

If it is a running bond or stack bond that you prefer we have the installation (mortar or VetroKWiK) tools, guidance and items to assist you with both.  Plus our team here at Quality is always more than welcome to walk you through step by step.

I do have to say the coolest part about the solid brick is it’s versatile usage in different spaces.  We have so many customers who want them for walls, half walls, windows instead of traditional glass block or apart of an island or office space.  And with their uniqueness, you will not see this style run dry through many many years to come.  In fact, over the last several months I think this idea of glass will be a thing that people will want more of.

So lets sit back and take a walk through our options of colors, installation and types of jobs this beauty can be used for!


First, there is the Vetropieno and then the Vetropieno Americano.  Don’t mix them or or get them confused because you will be quite disappointed if you do.

Vetropieno, the non-Americano is more lengthy than the Americano.  For instance.  The over all length of the Vetropieno is 9 1/4 while the Americano only goes to 7.675″ which resembles more of a standard brick shape.  Which we will touch more on that later.  I just wanted to clue you in a bit of the difference here before we get started on these gems.

Vetropieno Colors, shapes and sizes:

Coming in three different beautiful colors of Siena, Nordica, Blue and then of course the Clear, which is the most popular.  These 2 1/8″ thick of solid glass are taking the world by storm.  Slowly but surely people are seeing them used in commercial settings, online, any photos or other homes or office buildings.  The more and more people search the more and more people are wanting these glass bricks in there home or architectural projects.  The demand for them has been so interesting to see go up from the time we had brought them on a few years ago.


Rettangoloare – 9 1/4″ x 2 1/8″ x 4 1/2″

Quadrato – 4 5/8″ x 2 1/8″ x 4 1/2″

Siena – Rettangoloare and Quadrato

From the smooth amber tone that the Siena gives.  The values of brown tones that reflect from light to dark is something I have never seen before.  The travel of light through the block resembles the flow of the darkest whiskey in a beautiful crystal tumbler with the roll of the liquid at its finest moments.  Giving this block the most naturalistic feel out of the other colors that can bring a game changer to any space you choose it for.

Nordica – Rettangoloare and Quadrato

The rolling depths of black and grey.  The smokiest of all the colored glass options we have to offer.  The Nordica Vetropieno takes the cake.  Hands down and no questions about it.  Depending on the lighting you can have crisp black look with the tinniest hints of grey, or you can enjoy that smokiest grey/black look that you have ever dreamed of.  The different values and depths in this block is enough to take your breath away and fall in love with your space all over again.

Blue – Rettagoloare and Quadrato

I am a fan of blue so maybe I am a bit biased when it comes to this color.  But to me this Blue Vetropieno is underrated in my opinion for what it can do for you.  The color of the calming depths of the ocean rolling with the vibrant of lighter shades as light transmission hits this beauty can only be for those who are wanting to step out of the box and add color to their space.

Clear – Rettangoloare and Quadrato

Want to play it safe?  Or want to let the most amount of light through?  The clear is definitely for you.  Plus you just can’t go wrong with the beauty of semi transparent glass.  The clear is our most popular seller, which is rightfully so.  The beauty of crystal like glass is what you get and it is the most versatile with all textures that are within any space.  Making it a no brainer in some cases.


Installation for the Vetropieno is a bit different.  You have two options, but you must pay attention closely.  Remember me mentioning the different bonds you can run (pun intended) with the blocks?

Running bond, being a more brick staggered look and then you have stacked where it is more simplistic when it comes to more architectural features.  This leads to the choice of installation and what you need to know.

For either bond you can always rely on mortar being your best option for installation.  Especially depending on the size of your job or what you client is looking for.

Mortar application for Vetropieno: 

There is more to the mortar application that what I just linked above, which you can always dive in a bit deeper on our Resource page and filter out Vetropieno.  The link above is just to get you started in the correct direction.  Of course we are also here to guide you and assist you when needed as well.

As mentioned earlier, the mortar application can be used in both bond application, running or stacked.  So depending on which one you would like to do for your project really depends on what you are working with or the result you would like to see.

Mortarless application for Vetropieno: 

VetroKWiK Installation System is our mortarless application for the Vetropieno line.  It is by far the coolest system I have ever seen and how you put it together will blow your mind.  Virtually an invisible joint that interlocks with the glass to create a unit that is beyond words.

Words to the wise though, this system is not so versatile like how the mortar application can be.  Which means it is only interior usage only and you can only use this application with the running bond.  Seves Glass Block has yet to come out with something for the stacked bond application.

When it comes to choosing the application, you must ask yourself what is the look you and your client or you yourself are going for.

Vetropieno Americano

Although, similar to the Vetropieno we discussed above.  The Americano blocks are much different but still packing that wow factor punch when used in different spaces.

Coming in only the color of clear, this block is more shaped to mimic the standard brick shape that we use here in the United States.  Making it a perfect partner in pairing if you are trying to incorporate some unique touches to any building.

Still not load bearing like how all our glass blocks are, but still unique enough to be its own power house when it comes to adding different textures or spaces that need the right privacy.


Rettangoloare – 7.675″ x 2.25″ x 3.675″

Quadrato – 3.75″ x 2.25″ x 3.675″

Clear – Rettangoloare and Quadrato

Since clear is the only color we have going for this beauty, it doesn’t mean it is any less beautiful as it’s distant cousins.  The clarity in the block still allows light to disperse fully and beautifully as any of the others.  It just all depends on what you plan to do with it that makes it a bit different.


The only installation for the Americano line would be mortar.  Our mortar installation is the same across the board for all our glass bricks but not limited to just this one.  For more information on our mortar installation for the Vetropieno glass bricks you can go to our Resource page and use our filter to search.

See below on how to search:

Installation Type –  Mortar

Product Line – Solid Glass Brick

Document Type – Installation

This will help you see what other documents go along with any of the mortar applications when it comes to the glass bricks.


They always say save the best for last right?  So here we are winding down on our article and I have one more feature to share with you when it comes to glass brick that I think most people forget about.  Keep reading below if you want to continue on our journey through glass brick world.


Out of all the glass brick options, our Vistabrick I would say is mostly used, and used for many causes and cases that no one can really argue with.  The durability of this block is completely mind blowing on what it can handle.  See the link brochure here for our Vistabrick. These specifications alone in this brochure is hands down amazing when it comes to what glass can do.

Known more as a high performance glass block, the Vistabrik is a solid 3 inches thick of beautiful goodness that packs a huge punch when it combines with safety, beauty and unique applications.  Let’s break the patterns and sizes down a bit.

Patterns, color and sizes of our Vistabrick:

Stipple – 8x8x3

Clear – 8x8x3 , 6x8x3 and 4x8x3

The Stipple pattern adds a bit more texture with clear glass, and is the only glass block in our whole warehouse that actually physically carries the texture of the stipple finish on the outside of the block.  A lot of people love the privacy and unique quality it gives to their openings.

I personally love the clear and I will tell you why.  This block is so thick that clear isn’t really all that clear when it comes to looking through this baby.  It has a neat distortion about it that reminds me of how the molten liquid is poured.  Probably too clear for those who are wanting the super privacy, but just the texture that it shows when the melted glass hits the mold just makes me smile with its raw ability to form into a solid.  This is actually the number one block that is used in any sort of Tornado Resistant or Detention Center type window.  It is just an item you can’t beat when it comes to any type of safety or security.

Here is my favorite application of the 4×8 Vistabrick:

All that light in those loft spaces is to die for!


When installing these bricks on your own and the only way to install Vistabrick is with mortar.  These blocks weight so much any type of mortarless application will fail.  However, the Mortar Installation System that is used with the Vistabrick is very different than what we had listed above for the Vetropieno.  This installation system is more than standard glass block installation which makes it a no brainer for most.

Which is neat, because it leads to a different ball game when applied in an office setting while still being cost effective.  Don’t get me wrong all glass bricks are pricy and that should be a given since it is solid glass.  What makes the Vistabrick a bit more cost effective, if you choose this route would be how much more one block covers.


For more information please contact our sales team at Quality Glass Block.  We would be more than happy to assist you in whatever questions you may have in regards to our glass block products.