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Security and Privacy

The number one concern from our customers when it comes to glass block is their Security and Privacy.  How much Security can glass block give and also, how much Privacy is given but still allowing the light you need to brighten a space.

The answer to this is quite simple.  Our team here at Quality Glass Block breaks it down with the customer on what their most important needs are when it comes to incorporating glass block into their home.


I always recommend to customers what I would mostly feel comfortable with when it comes to Privacy.  Especially if they have a window location, or inset wall location in a bathroom.  I push them towards the more textured patterns such as the Ice or the DM.

I do this for two reasons, first being a woman I wouldn’t feel comfortable having clear glass in my bathroom as a window.  But I also make sure the customer understands it is all about their comfort levels and property location.  I tend to always ask if they have neighbors they have to worry about, or which floor is this going in on.  Sometimes they surprise me and say they want the Nubio pattern, which is not fully obscure but distorts images so you don’t see them clearly.

Most of them worry on the lighting and if the other obscured patterns would let in the amount of light they are needing for their space.  That is when we come in and assure them that regardless of the pattern, you are still working with glass so lighting will not be an issue.


Security on the other hand is a whole different ball of wax.  You are talking about protection and what isn’t most important than protecting the people you love?

We have the option to discuss quote a bit in this section because at the security levels there isn’t one answer since you are talking about different levels and options that we have to offer.

For basement windows, or even regular glass block windows, we do offer Security Glass Block Windows.  These windows are built with a lead time up to 1 week due to the many properties that are being put into the window to make it most secure.

If you are not a fan of the mortar glass block look, these these windows are definitely for you.  They are not only held together with our Glass Block Sealant, but we add the Horizontal and Vertical Spacers for that strength and security that you might be looking for.

What our Security Windows have for options:

  • Your choice of glass block pattern from the Thinline Series – Nubio, Ice, DM, Clarity and Alpha.
  • Glass Block Sealant to help hold the spacers in place and also to finish off the joints once all constructed.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Spacers for added strength.
  • Optional but you can also add our S.S. Panel Reinforcing for extra security protection.

The nice thing about these types of windows, is we do the work for you so you don’t have to.  Save the time and stress on making these and allow the experts to assist.


Weather Security

With different security levels available, weather security happens to be a big portion of what we do at Quality Glass Block.

Here are some of the different security options that we have available for our customers:


Higher levels of Security

Another form of Security would be our Detention Windows.  The performance and benefits for having these pre-fabricated for your location might be worth your while after you read the benefits below:

No one can see to beat the following features that this magnificent Glass Block can provide.  Our Vistabrik series is one of its kind.  3″ thick of solid glass providing the performance of a life time for those who are needing to step their security level up a bit and still allow light into their space.

Performance Features:

  • Ballistic resistant levels
  • Varying privacy levels
  • Impact resistant
  • Pick proof
  • Enhanced security
  • Factory assembled for consistent quality
  • Reduction of maintenance cost
  • Resists scratching and marring
  • Will not discolor
  • Will not burn – 90 minute fire rated

Higher Security needed?  No problem we have that.

Factory assembled LW Architectural Systems are specifically engineered to meet the high demands of high security locations. These demands also meet the specific ASTM codes that are high on the list to make sure every location provides a safe and secure environment for their attendees.

  • Welded corners and grids
  • Strength and durability of steel
  • Resistance to forced entry/exit
  • Reduced on-site labor costs
  • Enhanced security with visions and light transmission
  • Expedited installation sequencing
  • Ballistic resistance
  • Narrow sight lines

Codes that are met by our LW Threat Resistant Windows are as followed:

ASTM E283, ASTM E330, ASTM E547, ASTM A1011, ASTM C920, AN SI Z97.1, 16 CFR Part 1201.


For more information in regards to any of our Security options and privacy options, contact our team today at Quality Glass Block and Window.