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Nubio Glass Block by Seves Glass Block are known for their timeless classic an ever so popular wavy pattern that has been around for many generations. The slight diversion of this pattern allows for maximum light to illuminate a building while providing limited privacy.

At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we offer multiple options for glass block designs, styles, shapes and sizes. We offer glass block products that vary by light transmission and levels of transparency so that you can choose the perfect level of privacy.

About the Nubio Wave Pattern

The Nubio features random wave patterns providing an appearance of calm soothing look with some visual privacy. The reflective pattern plays with the light, creating more distortion with light reflections that filter throughout the glass block.  Creating deformation in each direction giving off shadows and irregular shapes of distortion.

The glass block offers a smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning with a jewel glow that sparkles in only a way glass can perform.  This classical wave glass block can create a calming mood effect in any room with it’s continuous passages of natural light that filters through from room to room, indoor or exterior applications.

Where to use Thinline Nubio

Any Thinline glass block can be, and is suggested for residential usages.  Meaning any form of basement, bathroom windows to even garage, mudrooms and laundry rooms as well.  These blocks are so versatile in what and where they can be used for by not only helping out your pocket book but still getting the aesthetic look you are craving in your home.  Using the Nubio pattern can help bring light into these darker places while still giving moderate privacy with the ripple look of the waves.  The distortion helps project light through each location bringing a maximum light transmission with a patterned glass block.

While the Nubio pattern is very classic and has been around for the long haul.  It is one of the most beloved patterns on the market to date.  This pattern is so neutral that it will go with any type of atmosphere you throw at it without down playing your statement.  If anything it will add to the character of your space that you have created to live in.


When not to Use Thinline Nubio

Even though this pattern is loved throughout the glass block community, there are some spots in a home you may not want to use this pattern.  If you are particular about privacy or have a close neighbor with windows that butt up against one another.  This particular glass block pattern may not be for you.  Although it distorts images, it doesn’t necessarily blocks them out like how an actual rain glass obscured window would.

Another situation on where you wouldn’t want to use not only the Nubio Thinline glass block, but any of the Thinline Glass Block would be as a shower wall.  As beautiful and price appealing they are, they do not come with finishing end units which can leave a homeowner frustrated when they are wanting to save a bit of money.

This however, doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a shower wall, or partition in your home.  Just know you won’t be able to finish the wall with the beautiful end blocks that our Premiere Series offers or even our Basic 1919/8 Line.

For us here at Quality Glass Block and Window we love to assist our customers as much as possible.  We love getting in deep with each customer on their project to make sure they are getting all the correct number of products to complete their dream upgrade in their home.  The more information you provide to us, the more and further we can assist you as a knowledgeable member of the glass block community.

Call us today and our experts can help you select the product that is right for you.